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What is "Parliaments"?

"Parliaments" is a desktop application built with R and Rshiny centered primarily around results and representations for parliaments political structures in Belgium.

The application also has the ability to create customized representations and diagrams with your own data.

What are the uses of "Parliaments" ?

You can check and compare parties results, seats and popularity within the different areas thoughout the years.

You can also create your own diagrams of parliaments, survey results graphs and sankey diagrams.

Where are the Belgium results ?

A good starting point are the results of the chamber. You can access them from the sidebar under the Belgium Parliament tab.

You can either select a single year of results, or compare results from both years.

I want to create my own content diagrams and graphs, how can I do it ?

There are multiple options in the sidebar, under the "Custom" tab.

  • Parliament : Straightforward, create you own parliament diagram by filling the fields with your own informations. You can also export this one in a PDF file.
  • Survey : Create you own survey graph showing the popularity growth through months.
  • Sankey : Create you sankey diagram by filling informations and configuring according to your will.